MeanStream Media.

Forgive me for the lack of updates, been building this website solo with no experience. Prepared to kick it into high gear now, Thank you for visiting my website.

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  1. Anonymous Free Thinker says:

    Wow… It’s crazy how that soldier got cut off as soon as he said anything about the war, and troops. What war? I thought Obama brought our troops home, and their was no war….??

    They are trying pretty hard to make Ron Paul look bad… When making him look bad failed, they decided to make us not look at him at all.

    You can tell during the private interview with Ron Paul he was trying reeeally hard not to put himself out there too much, as to what he knows, and also without making him seem like a mad man. I’m sure if Ron Paul won the 2012 election our country would be a better place.

    I fully support Ron Paul, but I do not think he will be president for 2012. (Due to the way our Gov/MEDIA works)

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